Adrian Cowderoy: Chartered IT Professional (CITP)

Adrian Cowderoy is an innovator in digital evolution and the related cultural impact.

He is a highly experienced Digital/Online Programme Manager responsible for changes to the online presences for multinationals, SMEs, agencies and start-ups. He works with multiple stakeholders, using his enthusiasm, knowledge and communication skills to lead people through difficult transitions.

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Early pointers

Adrian’s first IT job was working for a large computer manufacturer. It was a structured method of working based on the early pioneering concepts of software engineering. He was also involved in developing some of the first personal computers and office networking systems.

Research years

Adrian went to Imperial College Business School for his MSc. He studied management science – a hybrid between operations research and an MBA. The subject intrigued the intellectual part of him, and he worked for years on million-euro European research projects as part of the EU Framework programme. The projects were in software engineering – by then an established discipline stretching itself to new levels. The research focussed on ways of predicting project costs and measuring software complexity. He was also involved in early work on the risk management methodologies that are now widely used in corporations. He created and led the pioneering MultiSpace project to build an intellectual framework for measuring quality on the web and multimedia.

During this period he was employed by Imperial College Management School, City University School of Informatics and then by his own consultancy business, the MultiMedia House of Quality.


Professional Spirit logoIn 2000 Adrian co-founded Professional Spirit Ltd with Mehrtash A’Zami. It was at the peak of the dotcom bubble. The first version of Professional Spirit was conceived as a service provider to professional associations and institutes. It was similar to but a year ahead of it. The website never launched – the British shareholders saw no future in such a venture.

Adrian and Mehrtash rebuilt the company. Its new focus was to build an online trading platform for accountants, financial advisors and other consultants. Using the new website, professionals and their clients could quickly contract and obtain expert consultancy online.

Professional Spirit never made it. The technology was built, staff were recruited, but there was no money for the launch or marketing. So the company closed.

Online publishing and e-commerce

After Professional Spirit, Adrian started a new career in publishing, helping organisations transform elements of their online business. He campaigns for “digital first” and works to progress the careers of the new generation.


Adrian became a Chartered IT Professional in 2007 under a scheme pioneered by the British Computer Society.

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