Ashdown Forest

Ashdown Forest is a sprawling area in East Sussex that is predominently open land with occassional woods.

It was here that Christopher Robbin played with Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet and Owl in the “Hundred Acre Wood“.

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  • Ashdown Forest, East Sussex
  • Woodland, bracken, mud, gorse, winter, summer, AA Milne memorial
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  • Bronica GS-1 (medium-format) and Canon AE-1P (35 mm)

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  • hello I would suggest maybe use of jQuery for your galleries

    Hello I would suggest maybe use of jQuery or lightbox for your galleries, intead of reloading the page to go the next picture.

    Many thanks

  • I agree. I’ll be using them for the new series of pictures on Italy, and will start revising popular pages like this one.
    (I also want to resample the pictures from the originals, because I have found a better way of getting better colours.)

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