Black Hanley

Loneliness hit me for the first time in my life. It was my first job and I was in a new part of the country, three hours drive from my family and friends. Here my only friend was my camera.

Around me stretched depression. The Potteries had once been the thriving hub of the china industry, supplemented by mining. Now much of it lay empty, waiting without hope for the next revolution. And outside the towns, for miles the landscape lay bare, torn apart by years of open-cast mining.

Technical data:

  • Canon AE-1 (35mm) with FD 35mm F2, FD 50mm F1.4, FD 100m f2.8 (my standard)
  • Film was mainly FP4 and HP5, printed on Ilford Multigrade paper

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  • Amazingly evocative images Adrian. I am transpoted back to 1970’s Britain. Reminiscent of the opening credits for ‘Whatever happened to the Likely Lads’.

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