Bronica GS-1 Zenzanon 150 mm – sample pictures

The 150mm f4 has excellent glass even into the corners, suitable for landscape, portrait and macro (with close-up lenses or an extension tube). It has half-stop increments down to f22, and uses a 72 mm filter.

The pictures below were all taken with a Bronica PG 150 mm f4 lens on my GS-1. (For more about other Bronica equipment, see equipment review.)

150mm at f16, on Fujichrome RVP 50ASA. Tripod mounted. (Exposure of about 1/4 second.)

The picture is from near Castelnuova di Graf.

Below, detail from bottom right of the photograph.

Below, 150mm at f11, on Fujichrome RVP 50 ASA. Tripod mounted. Trimmed top and bottom.

The lens’s minimum focussing range is 1.5 metres – you need a 0.5 dioptre close-up lens for close portraits (available from manufacturers like Hoya and B&W). There is a rubber lens hood for it which conveniently folds flat, or use the heavier bellows hood.

Bronica 150mm PG at f11, on Fujichrome RFP 100ASA. Tripod mounted.

The above pictures were all taken with a Bronica 150 mm PG lens. The film was scanned with an Epson V700 Photo at 48-bit colour depth using SilverFast SE software. The pictures were then tidied for the web using Photoshop CS3, reducing the image to 24-bit colours.

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