Monte St Victoire Aix en Provence – south face

3100 St Victoire from shrine RVP thumb

Monte Sainte Victoire rises from the craggy planes to the east of Aix-en-Provence, and a half-drive to the north of Marseille. The vertical cliffs of the southern face dominate the landscape. The moods of St Victoire change according with the changing of the light, and the temparements of the weather. . . . → Read More: Monte St Victoire Aix en Provence – south face

Mte St Victoire – the summit

3102 St Victoire mists & escarpments RFP thumb

Mont St Victoire stretches up from the craggy plane east of Aix-en-Provence, 45 miles from Marseille. Near the summit there is a hole leading down to a small cave that looks out on the craggy plane towards the south.

Technical info:

Frame #1. Just outside the cave near the summit of St Victoire. Bronica . . . → Read More: Mte St Victoire – the summit

Chapelle St. Victoire – pictures

3107 St Victoire abbey 1 RFP thumb

Monte St Victoire dominates the landscape to the west of Aix-en-Provence. Hidden behind huge rocks slabs there is a small priory (or abbey) dating back to the 11th century. . . . → Read More: Chapelle St. Victoire – pictures

Grande Canyon de Verdun – the highlands

3078 grasslands 2 by Verdun thumb

With no road across the Grande Canyon de Verdun, photographing it can neccessitate driving its length and back again to find the correct spot for picture. It was during those trips that I discovered the beauty of the surrounding countryside. . . . → Read More: Grande Canyon de Verdun – the highlands

Grande Canyon de Verdun

3078 Verdun gorge - thumb

The Grande Canyon de Verdun is a magical gorge in the Haut Alpes, with a variety of terrains and moods. . . . → Read More: Grande Canyon de Verdun

Esterel, Provence

Esterel 09 PKM 05-88 thumb

The Esterel hills are just to the north of Marseille (France). This rocky, hard landscape was home to partisans during the Second World War. . . . → Read More: Esterel, Provence

Sisteron and Gap

3081 Digne 5 PRP Sept 89 thumb

The high peaks of the Haut Alpes stretch upwards in rocky shapes, with tree-covered flanks and twisting rivers that seperate them. . . . → Read More: Sisteron and Gap

Haut Alpes

3081 Digne 5 PRP Sept 89 thumb

The Haut Alpes stretch from the Alps west into Provence. Sometimes mountains, in places high and flat, but always beautiful. These images were taken close to Digne Les Bains. . . . → Read More: Haut Alpes

Views from Mont Ventoux

3031 Ventoux daylight thumb

Mont Ventoux is about 45 minutes drive east from Avignon, deep in the centre of Provence on the south east corner of France. The mountain dominates the surrounding countryside, with its distinctive white top that looks like snow from the distance, although from close-up it’s a huge area of white stone. … I’ve returned many times, but never again found that early morning light. . . . → Read More: Views from Mont Ventoux