Street scenes, Hanley

153 barrel organ thumb

In the last of the photos from the 1980-1981 period recording scenes in the towns that made up Stoke on Trent. . . . → Read More: Street scenes, Hanley

Industrial scenes

121 mineshaft thumb

In 1981 many of the industries in Stoke on Trent were struggling to survive. Factories were empty, the mining was almost finished and shops had begun to close. . . . → Read More: Industrial scenes

The Peak District

Peak 3 stream 1 thumb

The landscapes of the Peak District are a rich territory for the photographer. These images were taken over a weekend’s rambling. I want to go back and take more, and to see the area in different seasons. . . . → Read More: The Peak District

Ashdown Forest

1802 Ashdown Forest 3 thumb

Ashdown Forest is a sprawling area in East Sussex that is predominently open land with occassional woods. It was here that Christopher Robbin played with Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet and Owl in the “Hundred Acre Wood”. . . . → Read More: Ashdown Forest

South Downs, Sussex

Ploughed field from the downs

Landscape views from the rolling sides of the South Downs, and the gently undulating lands at the top of the downs. . . . → Read More: South Downs, Sussex

The March

169 march 5 thumb

Alsager, 1981. A commemoration service followed by a march, led by a youth band. … The military pride of those who marched was matched by the dissaproval of some of the locals. . . . → Read More: The March

Berkshire woods

1212 Sulham woods bluebells 1 RS100 thumb

Landscape views of the Sulham woods to the south and east of Reading, and from Burghfield and Sulhamstead. . . . → Read More: Berkshire woods

Berkshire fields

1228 harvested wheet field2s thumb

Landscape views of the wheat fields and grazing lands to the south and east of Reading. . . . → Read More: Berkshire fields

Industrial canals


The Trent and Mersey canal was once the artery of commercial life in Stoke on Trent. In 1980, many of the relics of former years still stood. A photo record of that time. . . . → Read More: Industrial canals

Calcot summers

1209 Calcot meadow buttercups 2 thumb

Spring and summer landscapes from Linear Park and the Trent and Avon Canal at Calcot, Reading. . . . → Read More: Calcot summers