Street scenes, Hanley

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In the last of the photos from the 1980-1981 period recording scenes in the towns that made up Stoke on Trent. . . . → Read More: Street scenes, Hanley

Industrial scenes

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In 1981 many of the industries in Stoke on Trent were struggling to survive. Factories were empty, the mining was almost finished and shops had begun to close. . . . → Read More: Industrial scenes

The March

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Alsager, 1981. A commemoration service followed by a march, led by a youth band. … The military pride of those who marched was matched by the dissaproval of some of the locals. . . . → Read More: The March

Industrial canals


The Trent and Mersey canal was once the artery of commercial life in Stoke on Trent. In 1980, many of the relics of former years still stood. A photo record of that time. . . . → Read More: Industrial canals

Boys – the games they played

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Stoke on Trent, 1980-1981. … With a bit of inguinity, boys could make their own games. . . . → Read More: Boys – the games they played

Residential Stoke, 1980

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Residential scenes from Hanley and Tunstall, near Stoke on Trent, 1980-1981. . . . → Read More: Residential Stoke, 1980

Hanley indoor market

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The indoor market in Hanley provided a level of protection against the wind and rain, and a social gathering point. … More pictures from . . . → Read More: Hanley indoor market

Stoke on Trent: Wasteland


In 1980 there was still broad expanses of wasteland in the urban complex around Stoke on Trent. There was no money to clean them, or redevelop. … Pictures from that period. . . . → Read More: Stoke on Trent: Wasteland

The Milton Princess

143 milton princess thumb

The Trent and Mersey canal was the industrial backbone for the Stoke on Trent. It allowed pottery to be moved unbroken, and heavy loads of coal to the factories. In 1980 the Milton Princess was one of the remaining narrowboats that continued to use the canal for moving heavy goods. . . . → Read More: The Milton Princess

The Mines of Tunstall


In the early 1980’s Tunstall was a mining town. Residential streets ran right up to them and the artificial hills they had created. … These are pictures from that time. They come from a recently discovered collection of negatives. . . . → Read More: The Mines of Tunstall