Linn Majik DS Upgrade – RMS MainLine Red – a personal experience

RMS MainLine Red from Avondale Audio

RMS MainLine Red from Avondale Audio

The best Linn Majik DS upgrade I’ve found is the RMS MainLine Red. A £97 change sounded like £2000.

This is an independent personal review based on my experience of living with it in my own system.

The RMS MainLine Red | Audible effect | Compared to other upgrades | Next step

The RMS MainLine Red

As an upgrade. The RMS MainLine Red is a high precision cable for the mains power, replacing the one that comes with the Linn Majik DS. Mine was delivered within 48 hours of ordering, and took ten seconds to install. The effect was immediate. The sleeve is black (as in the picture) and not red (as at their website).

The science. Domestic mains powers has multiple copper strands that pick-up interference from radio and domestic appliances like fridges. The Red cleans these. It also allows the transformer to get the rapid bursts of power needed for dynamic music.

Options. I found the RMS at the Avondale website while browsing dreamily over top-end pre-amps. They offer it with a choice of plugs for the USA, UK, Europe and more. The standard lengths are 1.2m to 3m, but I suspect they’ll make to order at the cost of the extra cable length. There is also a slightly cheaper MainLine Blue.

The audible effect

More detail. The individual nuances of each instrument come through clearer, the sound stage is deeper, voice is more detailed, drums are tight, cymbals like magic, and even the subtle echoes of the recording venue are clear.

More dynamics. When the volume is turned up, rock hits harder than ever before, pounding at my chest. Orchestral and choral wraps round me in new levels of realism.

More listening. Music that I’ve enjoyed before has come to a new life, so that I listen to my CDs and FLAC downloads again, as if they’re new. It’s especially true for more recent recordings.

Linn Majik DS Upgrades: £2000 or £95

Source. The Linn Majik DS made a shattering improvement compared to the previous Naim CD player – but at a high price. [Reviewed on this website.]

Amps. Swapping my old Albarry M40 to Avondale M130 monoblocks also made a difference, at a price.

Support. Mana Acoustic tables made a clear improvement each time a new one was added. They’re not particularly expensive, but they are ugly.

Interconnects. Barely perceptible differences at silly prices.

At £95 for the 1.2m cable or £110 for 2m, the RMS MainLine Red is good value.

Next step: Try RMS MainLine Red with other HiFi components

It’s made such a big difference to the source that I’m saving to replace the cabling on my monoblocks and video player.

The shock is that my entire music collection has to be revisited to learn the new detail. That takes time.

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