My right thumb

My right thumb twitches when I am happy. It’s a throw-back to film cameras. For hours I would hunt for the perfect photograph. And when it came the clatter of the mirror and the push against the winding crank accompanied a moment of pure joy.

Autowinders were the beginning of the end. Now all that could be felt was the tug of the film within the camera.

With digital photography there is no feeling at all. It produces a beautiful immediate picture, but there is nothing physical. I want a digital camera with a winding mechanism.

Scenes from the Potteries in 1980. Stoke on Trent, Newcastle under Lyme, Kidsgrove.

35mm monochrome, Canon AE-1 with Canon 100mm f2.8, 35 mm f2 and 50 mm f1.4 lenses.

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