Mana table reviews

These are independent reviews of Mana tables in HiFi systems. The articles are written by a customer, and to stimulate discussion.


Naim 250-2 that I auditioned. It is fitted with the new Mana Clamp above a Mark 2 sound frame, Mark 1 sound stage, and an amp rack

Mana tables built a strong support base in the 1990’s. Mana Acoustics ceased production in 2001 for personal reasons. In late 2018 a limited scale new production started, with new and upgraded products that provide a major boost in the effectiveness of the system. The articles here look at what they are, how they are setup, and for the first time why they work.

This website is non-commercial. Thanks to the people who leant me equipment – so I could complete this.


Reviews – Mana tables and clamps





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