Grande Canyon de Verdun – the highlands

With no road across the Grande Canyon de Verdun, photographing it can neccessitate driving its length and back again to find the correct spot for picture. It was during those trips that I discovered the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Technical info:

  • France, Provence, Grande Canyon de Verdun, mountains, fields
  • Bronica GS-1 6×7 rollfilm with 65 mm wide angle, 100 mm standard and 150 mm semi-telephoto
  • Agfachrome RS50P (#4, #5, #6, #8), Agfachrome RS100 (#9), Fujichrome RVP (#3, #7) and Fujichrome RFP (#1, #2, #10)
  • Scanned on Epson V700 Photo at 2400 bpi with 64-bit colour depth